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Our Screed Services
Concrete Wall


Pumped Screed laying is a faster and easier way to pour screed. It is better than traditional screed processes. This allows large surfaces to be screed in a shorter time frame.

Screed supplied, pumped and delivered by Screedpro

Screed Types

  • Sand cement floor screed

  • High strength engineered floor screed

  • Self leveling screed

  • Fast drying floor screed with polymer additives​

  • Lightweight floor screed and low density floor screed

  • Fast drying engineered screed for underfloor heating​

  • Fibre reinforced floor screed

Concrete Facade
Concrete Facade

Truck Abilities 

Controllable rear axles allow better angling within tight streets and sites. 


Several loads per day Multiple loads per day a normal day per truck can see supplies over 30 cubic metres

12-15 cubic metres per load 

30 stories vertically and 180m pumping up horizontal 


Pump and mix are controlled via computer


​All systems controlled via an ipad app

Additional Benefits

Up to 6 cubic metres can be mixed and transported per hour, depending on height and distance (typically around 4m3/hr on an average job)

Automatic fibre and liquid admix dosing


The process doesn’t create dust

Tap water on site is all required. Trucks are fully self contained.

Noise suppressed - sub 80 decibels